Veterinary Emergencies

If you are experiencing a veterinary emergency in the Greater Great Falls region, count on the Keller’s Mobile Veterinary Clinic. We will come directly to your home to care for your ailing pet. Our clinic has provided reliable, caring veterinary services across the area since 1987. We are a team of committed professionals and are here to help your pet get on the road to better health.

We provide emergency services during our regular business hours of 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. If you are experiencing an after hours or weekend emergency, please call the emergency clinic here in Great Falls
at 406-761-8387. Let the ER doctor know you have been referred by our clinic to ensure they forward the records and provide us with any needed follow-up information.

Emergency Services Great Falls MI

Signs Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

When you pet is sick, it can be hard to determine if they are feeling under the weather or experiencing a true emergency. To help you determine what sort of care they need, we have compiled the list of common symptoms below. If you are unsure about your pet’s condition, please do not hesitate to call our clinic. We are here to answer your questions and will help you take proactive measures to preserve your pet’s health.


If your pet is bleeding enough where pressure or a bandage should be applied, contact our clinic ASAP. For small cuts which produce only a little blood, keep and on it to make sure it does not become infected. If your dog or cat is bleeding any amount of blood from their eyes or ears, take them to see a veterinarian right away.

Breathing problem

For pets who are experiencing labored breathing or wheezing, you should contact a veterinarian ASAP. In some cases, your pet is experiencing a mild asthmatic attack, but it can also be a sign of severe asthma, heart or lung problems, or a very serious allergic reaction.

Diarrhea or Vomiting

If you pet has experienced diarrhea or vomiting more than once in an hour or more than 3-4 times in a day, call your veterinarian. Be sure to inspect their waste for blood, as this can be a sign of severe internal complications.

Loss of Consciousness or Collapse

This can be a sign of several serious medical issues. Call your veterinarian immediately.

Stomach Pain

Has your pet been pawing at their abdomen, shying away from having their belly rubbed, or is crouching instead of sitting? This could be a sign they are suffering from internal bleeding, organ disease, a urinary tract infection, or a blockage. For cats, a blockage can become life threatening in a short amount of time. If they go to the litter box, cry, and produce little to no urine, contact our clinic as soon as possible.

Blue, White or Pale Gums

This a sign that your dog or cat is not breathing properly and is not getting enough oxygen. Seek help immediately.

We are committed to helping your pet achieve and maintain their best health. If you are experiencing a veterinary emergency, please contact us today at 406-727-5760. Our team is here and ready to help.